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Discovering your True Essence


The Divine Decree

May you ALL come into your Truth

Your Full Truth and nothing but your  Truth

For you are All Truly Divine and you Are Truly God’s Child of Light

We All are.

As we have always been

For you are Light

For you are Love

For you are Joy

For you are Happiness

And so it shall be forevermore.

You live in the Land of Paradise

At Peace with All that Is.

This is your Birthright

Your reason for Being

May you allow yourself to find this in your Heart, in your Mind and in Your Soul

For it is through All of these channels you will truly prosper in your Truth.

The Divine Truth

The Golden Truth

Shine forth now forevermore

And so it shall be

And so it is.

The Land of Milk and Honey

Available for All

To All that inhabit

This Great Land

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