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Since 2012 we are being asked to step up and understand our inner world more than ever before.

To release deeply buried miasmic karmic patterns that we hold within our energy fields.  Created over many lifetimes of living in the human form.  These stop us from singing the true song of our soul.

We are quite aware of the physical body and its functions, and we are less so with our body’s subtle energy system.  Seen from an energetic perspective each of us is made up of layers of vibrating energy. Mostly unseen to the human eye.

These energetic layers or subtle bodies create an interconnected field of energy around the physical body, commonly known as our auric field.  Each subtle body connects to the physical body via an energy point or chakra, which directs the energy into the physical body via the meridian system.

Karmic miasms are twisted energy patterns held in one’s subtle energy fields that affect our body’s natural energy system.  Our thoughts, emotions, attitudes, and choices from a low vibrational frequency can be as a result of these deeply imprinted patterns in our body fields.  Stories and dramas, just keep repeating themselves over and over again.  Or the same health symptom keeps reoccurring.  They affect our physical body, our DNA and obstruct us from connecting fully to our light, our illuminated soul-self.

These karmic patterns are not only created through our choices,  and also through our inherited karmic imprints from our parents, our ancestors, through our DNA.

We also inherit the earth’s karmic patterns and that of the collective consciousness.

These can show up as feelings of despair because you are unable to defend and protect yourself, feeling like you always have to give way.  Affecting relationships in your personal life, your business or working environment.  You cannot quite stand in your power to defend your position or your home.  You may feel unworthy of being recognized in your field.

Women in particular, after many lifetimes of being submissive, can find it difficult to stand in their true worth and believe in their self-value to live their true potential

We place high expectations on others.  Expect others to live up to our expectations.  Everyone journey will be different. The other person may be the villain yet they are the very person who is assisting you to raise your vibration.

Or we expect others to hold the same belief system as we do. And when their world doesn’t fit into our view of the world we create our own energetic discord.

Releasing karmic miasmic patterns from our body fields opens our hearts to give and receive true love without limits and expectations.

It builds a stronger sense of self.  Our inner knowing and intuition give more clarity.  More robust self-confidence.  You have expanded certainty. Your faith is more compelling. The energy exchange between others is unbounded. There is nothing in-between, no energy to pull and push.  Peace, Love, and Joy abound.  We become more illuminated, our soul-light shines brighter.

Are there patterns in your life that keep repeating or health symptoms that reoccur? Perhaps you have deeply buried karmic miasmic patterns that you are unaware of.

Using the TimeWaver in my clinic has helped many of my clients to discover and investigate their buried patterns.  It is able to identify the deeper causes of disorders unseen and activate its elimination, at its origin. When eliminated energetic blockages will also disappear.

Keep discovering your magnificence, as you journey inward to discover and investigate your true essence to live your true potential. 

Be who you were truly designed to be.  Shine in your magnificence.




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