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I am choosing to live consciously from the soul.  

I have slowly awoken from a big sleep.  I rub my eyes, I clear the sleepy dust from out of them.  My eyes are wide open now. I can feel my inner energy force, my creative force springing forth. 

I begin to see more fully the world around me. My eyes are the window to my soul.

As my eyes open I connect to the wisdom of my soul.  I learn to trust my own soul’s wisdom.  I learn to have faith in the small whispers I receive.  

I act on my small whispers.  Sometimes they feel scary.  

I am given a new direction to take.  People in my world will not always understand. 

Will I have the courage to move and act on my small whispers from within?

I keep receiving the same message.  I want to act on it, yet there is something stopping me from reaching forward, connecting to taking that first step. 

I am being asked to do something that feels foreign to me.  I think I will just sit on the riverbank and watch.  Or I might just close the doorway, it feels too difficult.  

Ooophs, I felt that.  That was a huge blast of energy.  (some ill health, or body pain, accident or feeling the blues).

I didn’t listen and heed my message.  I didn’t keep going with the flow.  I stepped on the river bank.  I didn’t keep connecting and walking forward in my journey.  

It keeps happening each time I receive a bigger blast of energy until I get back into the river and flow with the current and begin paddling with the current. 

I dip my toes in.  I have connected to moving forward.  I can’t. Something keeps getting in my way.  A log appears in the river. It blocks my pathway to the river mouth.  What is the log of wood all about?  What is the energy that it holds?  What is it that is in me energetically that needs releasing, so that this log of wood moves out of the way.  

It will stay in the river.  It will be part of the journey.  Yet it will no longer stop me moving with the current.  I embrace the log of wood.  I understand its message.  I release its hold over me. 

I need some help to move this log of wood out of the way.  I am ready to shift this.  I will do everything within my power to move this log of wood out of my way so I can continue my journey.  

Phew!  I am on my way again in the flow of the current.  I see with a new illuminated light stream.  

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