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A beautiful 30-odd year relationship with the same hairdresser! 6 weekly check-ins.  It felt good!  The scissors cutting back those layers.  A snip here and there until it revealed the perfect cut.   I loved my time here, sitting back, coffee in hand, chatting graciously.  

Then comes the color.   When will I be brave enough to be “oh naturale“?  A question I asked myself many times.  Become a grey nomad.  Or be part of the silver crew. Which one will it be? What will it look like?  Who will I become?

Walking my Camino all those questions and thoughts vanished.  I didn’t really care much anymore.  I just wanted to be the real me.  Still cautious though.

I spent lots of money over the years keeping myself prettied up with my hair.  In Spain, my hair grew quickly.  It was soon time for that snip-snip again.

Not being fluent in Spanish I did my best to find that right place for my prettying up time.   Leon, I wandered into a hairdresser with my phone in hand with the words to express my desire on the google translator “can I book an appointment for a haircut?”.

Sit down she said almost as soon as I got in the door with pigeon English and a few hand movements.  She didn’t glance at my google translator.

Gosh, what was I getting myself in for?  I held my breath and waited my turn.  I didn’t have long to wait.

With scissors and razor in hand, she did her thing.  A snip, a cut, and boom a new hairdo! I liked it.  One side was shorter than the other.  It looked good. I felt good. I slowly let out my breath.

Slowly over the next few months, I had many more snips and cuts along my way.

Until one day there was no more two-toned hair.

I am now a fully fledged Grey Nomad or Silver Crew member, depending on what is happening in my day!

I remember talking about the pros and cons of going grey with my daughter a few years ago.  She said, “Mum you’ll look old if you do that”.

Well, do I feel old?  Not really.  I feel like just being me. Do I look old?  Perhaps, yet that is the reality of the stages of human life and to accept each stage as we journey.  I guess it is all a choice too when and where is the right time for each of us. A decision we make as individuals.  What feels right for me, may not be right for you.

Wherever you are in your journey have fun, enjoy and spread your wings.


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