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A symptom! I need something sweet to eat.  I remember as a teenager I would grab something sweet to eat on the way home from high school.  I was lucky that I didn’t gain weight from all the sugar I consumed.  I didn’t understand my need behind my cravings way back then.
When we are not feeling happy inside, or suffer some emotional experience that leaves us feeling sad or angry we don’t always have the tools to understand what is happening in our inner world.  So, we search outside of ourselves for something to helps us alleviate what emotions we are feeling. Something to fill that void.  In my case it was sugar.
This is part of my story.  I used sugar to feel good inside.  It was temporary though! Until the next time, I didn’t understand something that happened in my inner world.  Then the cycle would repeat itself over and over again.  Until! One day I made the connection. I understood my need for eating sugar.
Each day as I began to understand myself on a deeper level, my need for sugar lessened.  Every now and again I still have the need for sugar.  I am aware now though that something is going on in my inner world that I need to investigate.
Do you have a food craving or food addiction that you would like to investigate?
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