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I hear you, I have been there. In what situation am I experiencing difficulty in my life? Is it my relationship with my partner, he doesn’t listen, my daughter she is having trouble with her school mates, my work colleague, he is a pain in the ar@! Or perhaps my business is struggling financially, the clients are not coming through the door or my supplier just dumped on me. Or perhaps I have a health concern or I may be experiencing body pain.

My situation may not be the same as yours, but my story will have similar threads to it. I always ask myself now “what am I contributing to this situation, what is it in me that needs adjusting, what life lesson/s do I need to learn from this experience?”

Of course, I didn’t always go straight to this place.  I do now, mostly! My friend Resistance sometimes comes along to play. Whatever feels out of synch, stressful, emotionally charged or just plain yukky, it is always something in me that needs to have a light shone on it for me to understand more of me, getting to know more of “who am I”.

Don’t be afraid to look, this is where you find your juice, this is where you find your diamond, this is where you find a deeper state of peace.

Sounds all very corny, doesn’t it?

Yet it is unbelievably rewarding to find that state of being.  We can all have it.

Yes, we all get stuck in our stories.  Sometimes we cannot see the wood for the trees. Sometimes we need a helping hand.  This doesn’t make us weak or any lessor or there is something wrong with me!  We just need to look with a different set of eyes, listen from a new perspective.

That’s the beauty of unraveling our stories, sometimes we think we are the only ones that are traveling this path or are suffering.  We are all on a journey.

So don’t be afraid to unlock your stories.  We all have them, it’s what we do with them that matters.  No one is exempt, except perhaps for the Dalai Lama

As we journey through our human lives, let us strengthen each other as we go.  Let us all rise up, take charge of who we are to experience a deeper connection with all.

Here’s to enjoying your bliss!

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