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Parts of our journey can be arduous, seems like there are massive hills and mountains to climb.  Yet once you reach the top of that peak you can see for miles and miles and you experience the feeling of magnificence.

Recently I walked the 19.4 kilometers of the Tongariro Crossing in the National Park of New Zealand.  I found it arduous and grueling.  Yet my most favorite memory is when I reach the peak of the climb and I looked out over the landscape and could see for miles.  The vastness of the landscape. It’s breathtaking beauty.  The clouds, the distant mountain ranges and the ones closer in, and the Red Crater’s volcanic molten magma surface.

I felt euphoric.  All I could say was “wow, wow, wow”.  The track was a steady climb upwards, where for some of it I was scrambling on my hands and knees. Underfoot was a loose stony terrain (scree).  

It was no walk in the park.  

Yet those difficult moments vanished once I reached the top.  That is what it can be like in our journey of life. 

We reach the top of a mountain in our inner world.  It feels so beautiful and breathtaking.  Yet there will always be another mountain to climb or valley to traverse. 

To look beyond our current state to know there is something more, something else to unlock, something else to know.  A deeper understanding of self. 

There is always more!  I know so.  Stopping for me is not an option.  

The beauty of writing a new chapter is that life presents itself in a different way.  The struggles lessen.  Life still happens.  There is more flow.  More acceptance.  Strong love vibration.  More empathy.  There is more of the good things.  More understanding.  A deeper inner knowing.  

It has taken me years to fully understand and trust my inner knowing.  My mother instilled in me a value that said: “I am not right”.  This was a belief I carried about myself.  An energetic imprint in my body fields.  

The change this I had to understand its purpose, release and re-write a more healthy value that is aligned with who I am today.  

This value taught me to keep searching. To question everything I read.  Question other people’s opinions.  To read the energy behind people’s words and actions.  To understand the unspoken and often unseen messages. 

It didn’t make this value wrong.  Values keep us safe until it is time for an upgrade.  When we feel safe enough, along with a strengthened trust of self, then it will be time to re-write a more aligned value with where we are today. 

Are you wanting to start a new chapter or just turn the page in your life’s journey?  

Is there a missing link to your life?  Can you feel it?  Is there a deep ache within you that you cannot somehow fill?  No matter what you do, it is still there, deep with the recesses of your being.  

Is it your time for a re-write of your storybook or even a new edition?

Or is your book locked away, still hidden in the recesses of your mind?  Waiting for you to unlock, open and read?

It is your choice………………….take that plunge today.






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