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The seductive prowess has the powers to seduce and allure.  Perhaps seen as an addiction or from the dark side of your personality.  It can be turned into your greatest gift.  What is the seductress here to teach you?

If you shone a light onto your seductress what would she have you learn?  What is her message for you?  Unless you acknowledge her and understand her she will remain in the shadows, waiting to seduce and allure when you least expect or over-rule your life.

Come now take her hand and lead her back to the light.  Allow her to be seen for her truth.

Ask her what is she here to teach you?   What would she have you learn?  Ask her for her truth.  Connect your head and heart and seek her truth.  Do not delay.  She is really your ally.  Do not be afraid.  Do not be ashamed of her.  She is part of you.  Understanding and re-integrating her will create a fuller sense of self.

Just for one moment suspend your disbelief.

Who is she?  What is she?  Is she your displaced passion?  Is she your imbalanced feminine energy?

In pops fear.  Just a sidetrack. Let’s talk to fear, what is fear’s message?  What does fear have to say?  Fear says that “I will no longer be attractive without this energy, I am not enough without this trait?”.  “Who will I be?”  “Who will I become?”

The heart says that is ridiculous because it is not true you are more than that.  Without this unhealthy energy, how will you now be perceived by others?  Your “true beauty from within” will vibrate in the universe.  You will pulsate with a new frequency and you will attract others to you from this frequency.   How cool is that?

The seductress says “I will not be shut down”.  She is afraid if she goes away there will be too many shoulds, too many rules, too many constraints.   Life will become boring.

Ah! finally, she acknowledges that she wants to paint, she is seeking creative expression. The soul’s creative expression. Wow! Using this creative energy to create from the Soul.

Keep asking her what else does she want to do?  Whenever she returns continue to ask her this question “what else is there for me to express from my soul?”

Acknowledge her and see her in a different light.  Be grateful for having her in your life. She is your teacher.  Be empowered by her.

She is beautiful!

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