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The young child on the pavement, crying her little eyes out, her body wracked with emotion, screaming for her mummy.  She longed to be picked up and comforted.

She wanted someone to enter her world to understand what she was feeling, she wanted acknowledgment.

Such a simple request, yet without having her needs met at this young age, she would carry this imprint into her adult life.

Ignoring her requests was like salt to her wound, creating a belief that she is not okay and her feelings don’t matter.  It was a lesson from her soul.

The belief pattern created within her psyche was that no one understands me and my feelings don’t matter.

She would carry this belief in her life and it would affect her personal and business relationships, her ability to experience intimacy and the success in her career.  She would deny herself the happiness she deserved and desired.

Until she changed her frequency to change her belief and give her a new perspective.

She would create a new story to live her life from and her love of self would be strengthened and so too would her light.

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