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What were my eyes telling me?  What was their message?  Did I have the courage to go deeper within?  Was I brave enough to ask myself the hard questions to get my answers and face a deeper truth?  Or did I just want to sit on the fence and slowly lose my eyesight, just accept it as an age thing? It happens to all of us, right!  To face the lie that I kept telling myself.

I love those moments when suddenly it all makes sense. You finally really get it! The knowledge integrates on a cellular level.  That’s when you know the inside job is done.

The sixteen-year-old self.  One day just decides that she is leaving home.  Doesn’t really understand the full picture. She knew the risks. Loss of family.  Branded a sinner.  Forbidden to talk to her siblings.  Never allowed to return to eat a meal with her family.   

Why would she risk all of this?

Well, 16-year-olds know everything! Yeah right! She’s tough! She’ll make it! She didn’t react or act-up as many would do at that age.  She just got on with her mission!

The story she told herself for leaving, was “I don’t agree with my parent’s religious belief system, it was too controlling, to indoctrinating, to limiting, and I want to have some fun.”

A physical world reason.  Indeed! And perhaps valid at the time in her life.  Somewhere inside though she could still remember what she came here to do.  

It never once crossed her mind that she had made a wrong decision. Even when the going got tough there were no thoughts of returning home.  It just felt so right.  She didn’t fully understand her learnings yet she still took the action.

What she discovered many years later was a very different reason for leaving.  Her higher-self guided her to take a different journey in this lifetime.  One without religion. 

To go within and find her truth.  To trust her inner wisdom above all else.  

Our higher self is always there somewhere in the background, guiding and steering us forward. 

She’d had many lives where religion played a huge part in her life and was her daily guidance system. She lived by an external world guidance system. 

This time she chose a different pathway.  To learn and trust to go within and find her own guiding light.  Religion became her catalyst for change, the symptom she used to look beneath and find her truth. 

She could now stop blaming the church and its indoctrinations, controls, and limitations for her walking away from her family.  As it had been her higher self-guiding all along, always there!  

She chose this pathway, under the guidance of her higher self, for the growth and evolution of her soul and gained an inner freedom like she had never known before.  

How cool is that?  Have you had that experience? Would you like to experience an inner freedom like you have never known before?  You get to choose.

What will it be for you?

It has been a fascinating and enlightening journey.  Reaching that place where soul- body-mind merge there is a oneness within, peace and joy reign.  Until your higher-self decides there is something more to learn.



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