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Our go to at the end of a cold winter’s day,  is to soak in the spa at 39 degrees as the light goes down.   A delicious way to finish off a cold winter’s day, to unwind and warm up.

One evening we were been joined by a couple of wood pigeons close by in the trees.  They seemed to be swooning each other.  I said to Roger a few nights previously, they are a connection to beyond the beyond, the other side, I wonder what messages they have for us?  He chuckled.  Those who know Roger would understand the chuckle.  He is a man very much in the physical.  The spiritual world or receiving messages from the other side is not his thing.

Anyway, they arrived again that evening, as soon as we entered the spa.  We had a deep and meaningful conversation about where did we come from. Both with different held perspectives, from our individual view of the world.

All the while our friends were dancing and flying between the branches.  I said that is interesting they are bringing us messages from beyond the beyond.  Encouraging us to expand our awareness.

A few nights later, again it was cold, we decided lets spa again, to warm the cockles of our heart.  We have been in the spa for quite a while and our friends the pigeons had not been present.  I said,  “That’s funny, I wonder where they are, they are not here tonight, perhaps there are no new messages for us, or we need to finish absorbing our conversation from the previous night”.

We sat for a bit, had a general chit-chat about our day.  Enjoying each other’s company, winding down for the day.

After completing my 800-kilometer journey through the Camino in Spain,  I said I would never walk it again.  I would walk, but not the Camino.  I would go somewhere else next time.

Now I have returned home and life has settled again.  I asked again the question to my higher self “what is next?”.   Something gently inside me has been poking at me, to walk the 200 kilometers that I biked last time.  An interesting thought that I put to the back of my mind.

As we sat in the spa and I said to Roger, a funny thing has been tapping away in my inner world, to walk those last 200 kilometers that I didn’t walk the last time.

Immediately, I spoke these words the pigeons appeared and disappeared as quickly as they came.  I said there is my answer!  That is my next journey.

Plans are underway to walk in May 2019 with my daughter, sister, and her husband.   I am sure that it will be a very different experience this time.  I am looking forward to spending those precious moments with my travelling companions. 

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