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It was a puzzling day.  There is something in my consciousness, in the background, waiting for an acknowledgment, waiting for a light to be shone on it so that it could come to the forefront of my conscious mind.

What is it I asked?  What are you?  Who are you?  What is your message?

I had been having discussions with a friend over recent days around timelines, soul’s fragment and what this all means.

I discovered there was a piece missing to my soul’s puzzle, a fragment separated from my soul.

Sometimes we work so hard on correcting something within yet it can be difficult to shift, no matter how hard we try. This is very real for some people. They do all the work, become frustrated because they just don’t seem to move through a certain phase. They are told they create their own reality yet they dig and dig and cannot find their truth.

I was guided to bring back the remaining fragmented pieces of my soul as it was now time for a return to wholeness.

Working with our illuminating self, activating our gifts and abilities from previous lifetimes and our galactic heritage, it all made perfect sense.

So, I did the process using tools from my toolbox and my heavenly guides to assist me.

Sometimes on a conscious level, we don’t know what is holding us back, yet there will be little events in our life that help with its awakening.   We just know there is something discordant within, an off-key, a disharmonic energy field.

As I sat with this energy in me I noticed around 2-3 in the afternoon I felt energy bubbling up within me, it felt strangely awful, like a raging torrent ” Deeply Buried Anger”.

It was time to connect with this anger.  To awaken and understand its message, connect with it and shine a light onto it.  Poof! Away it went.  It only wants to be acknowledged, accepted then it will release its hold.  Old patterns and behaviors fall away.  Sometime later you notice “Oh! I don’t do that blah blah blah anymore”

Later, I received imagery from ancient times where this discord stemmed from.  Connecting to this I was taken back to this previous life where I was a powerful healer.  And, there was another off-note discovered where I was told I was too greedy, so I downplayed my gifts and abilities.

This off-key note was still playing out in this lifetime.

Reintegrating this piece of my puzzle back into my whole soul self was a pretty amazing experience.  The feeling was another level of joy expressed, another level of goodness felt, a new sense of light within.  It felt so good!

As I went about my day I had flashes where I viewed how this “being too greedy” had played out throughout my life.  I would pull back if things were going well because I didn’t want to be seen as being greedy.

Phew! What gold!

Can you see how powerful it is when we awaken, connect and illuminate those aspects of self that stand in our way of mastery? What can seem like a small issue can hold the key for massive shifts so that we can live more consciously from the soul.

It is powerful!

I would love for you to join me so that you can experience, the higher levels of joy, priceless inner growth and ascend in your physical body.

Of course, this may not feel right for you. If you feel called to do this work, come join me, book in for a one on one session. See whether what I do resonants with you, you might not even like me, you might find me too harsh or we just dont gel.

You won’t know unless you have tried. So if you feel called send me a message, let’s connect.

Book in on my online booking service and let’s have a one on one and see where it leads you.

Come and enjoy the ride.

Thanks for reading.

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