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 I strengthen my connection to my light self.  Old beliefs, values and boundaries are understood and acknowledged.  I am  consciously living from the soul.  I am walking my path. As I continue to walk I unravel and untangle all the dross of karmic miasmic patterns that I hold in my energy pathways.

I understand the purpose from all of those experiences.  The greater purpose of course!  Which is greater than ourselves, greater than our physical world reality.

Our physical world reality is important, it is through these experiences that lead us to our illuminated self.  Without these, there would be no lessons giving us our growth opportunities.

These experiences lead us to a deeper illuminated-self, a deeper sense of joy and peace within.  The love of self deepens.  The kindness to self strengthens.  You are empathetic to your story and you see the purpose of your journey for the greater evolution of your soul.

As you continue in your journey you still have twitches, twinges.  This is normal, you are human.  Keep moving forward.

Keep connecting to those niggy-naggy bits of you so that you can continue in your ascension process.

Moving to the next stage of the ascension journey.  ” I am no longer afraid”.  “I don’t need to hide anymore.”  “I can activate more of my true potential, more of my gifts and abilities”.

Our gifts and abilities are far greater than we even know and understand at this point.

This has been my journey.  To connect deeper within. To know and understand myself. 

It is a process.  As you journey you will begin to love the progress you make.

Part of my journey was to walk the Camino through Spain, an 800-kilometer walk, ALONE.

For those that know me, that was a big ask.  I am a strong woman, with lots of courage, yet I like my comforts.  I like to feel safe in my own surroundings, where I am loved and nurtured.  Be with those I love.  I accepted the challenge and set off.

On that journey, as I let go of old energetic patterns from past lives,  I was made aware of a number of previous lifetimes where I had several significant lives.

As I connected to these, I began to make more sense of my life in this lifetime.  I gained a greater understanding of my purpose.

My purpose, like you, is to ascend with our gifts and abilities from all of our multi-galactic dimensions and all our past lives.  To bring these gifts and abilities into our present-day lives and live as a human as “whole-soul-self”. 

I ascend in my human body.

I upgrade my cellular structure, release all the energetic blockages, the karmic patterns, the stories that keep me  stuck, unprocessed emotions.  All those parts of me that stop ME in my ASCENSION process.

It meant digging deep.  Being brave to face my darkness.

Illumination is about getting to the place where you ascend in your physical body, releasing all the old dross so that we can reclaim and reconnect, activate our full gifts and abilities.

Previously not available to us as a human living in 3D earth energetic template.  We are now living in a 5D earth with a new energetic template which is assisting us in our ascension process.

Here’s to loving the journey.

I hope that you are led to personally ascend.  It is a wonderful exciting ride.

There are moments that I falter.  I am a human too.  I think sh.., what am I doing, I do have these moments.  I get p…sed off too.  I don’t let myself stay in that place for long though.  And, these moments lessen as you ascend.

The higher our ascension in our physical bodies the greater of our true nature is discovered.  As this occurs the impact of our stories, our energetic dis-harmony lessen.  The moments of anger are fleeting.   Havoc in the body fields lessen.  Despair, depression, sugar fixes, all old patterns become a thing of the past.

Previous external sources that triggered our emotional electric fence fall away.  We see our truth.

We no longer need external sources to make us feel good!

Tuning into to connect with our whole-soul-self is where we find our joy, the real joy of being.

I hear you say, I am so far down the rabbit hole, gosh, it’s a big ask.  It is a journey!

When I find another piece of dis-harmonic energy I say, let see what this is all about.  I am happy to release it, I am no longer afraid of my darkness.  Ascension is my purpose.

Waking up and remembering who we are and remembered what we have come here to do, in my view, is the most important aspect of living as a human being in this lifetime.



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