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As my 16-year-old self walked away from religion, I turned my back on God.  The God that my family worshipped didn’t make sense to me.

In essence, I turned my back on my Divinity, my God within.

I threw out the baby with the bathwater!  I threw away everything related to God.

It was not wrong.  That was to be my journey in this lifetime.  I needed this experience to understand my world from a different reality.

I knew deep within me that the teachings I was receiving as a child just didn’t make sense.

I didn’t realize I was disowning my Divineness, my Sacred Light being.

One day I woke up.  I remember searching for something.  I didn’t know what it was. I just knew it was something.

I found a Spiritual School in Auckland and I signed up for a 3-year course.  This was life-changing.  The very first day of that course I just knew that the information we were being given just made sense, yet I had never heard any of this information before.  Why was that?

I have never looked back from that day.

I began to understand my purpose.  To trust and have faith in my inner wisdom.  To find my way back to respecting and honoring my Sacred Divine Light.

That is what brings me Joy.

That is what allows the vibration of Joy to flow thru my being.

To flow thru my energy fields.

Pure Joy.

My message for you today “honor and respect you are a sacred light being.  When this message is embedded on a cellular level you will feel no separation”.

That is one of the keys to living life on earth.

My soul signature was stronger than my physical-world reality.  It kept tugging at me until I brought that faith my soul carried to my conscious mind.

To have faith that all of humanity can ascend in their physical bodies to find our inner Joy.

That is my wish for you!

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