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Shine your little light a bit brighter, the first line of that song keeps playing in my head

So, that is today’s message.  For all of us to shine our lights a little brighter.

The brighter our light the greater the expansion of light on our world, the stronger it becomes.  I like that.  What about you?

A lady I meet for the first time a couple of years ago, she said to me “where have you been?  I haven’t seen you around before.” And yes, she was right, I had never been to any of her retreats before.  I had been diligently working undercover to discover more of the truth of Who I Am.  

As I walked the Camino I found more answers to my questions.  Answers that I had been searching for over many years.  One day I threw my arms up into the air and surrendered to my journey.    That was a defining moment in my journey.

At the end of my journey from the Camino walk, as I made my way out to the point of the end of the world – Cape Finisteree’s lighthouse I took of pieces of my cloak that I had worn for many decades.  This cloak had kept me safe.  I glad that I had it to shield me from some of the earth’s harsh energies.

As I have become stronger in my inner world I don’t need my cloak anymore.   My light can be seen more clearly, more visibility.

Do you wear a cloak over your radiance?

It is okay if you do.  Perhaps though it is time for you to begin to feel safer in your world so that you can shine your light a little brighter.

As our earth’s energetic vibration increases so to are our physical bodies  With these increases it is now safer for us to shine our lights brighter.   To stand and know our real truth.  To be that bright shining star!

When I say “Star” I am talking about one that knows it’s truth, one that knows in the depth of her being her purpose for being here.   One that knows and can stand tall in their truth when adversity strikes.  One that knows their true divine goodness.  One that knows that their divine power can overcome all else.

One that knows their Soul’s Signature.

Are you ready to shine your light brighter?


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