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What is your Soul’s Signature?  Mine is Joy!

The simplicity of Joy.  Playfulness! Joyfulness! Laughter! Fun! Inquisitive! Curiosity! Strength! Gratitude! Kindness! 

Living Joy isn’t a place I have always I lived from.  I had separated my physical self from my soul’s signature “Joy”.  I have a picture from my childhood I treasured, similar energy to the girl in the picture above. Of me, as a wee girl, wearing a pink smocked dress, long hair with pigtails, a smile from one side of my face to the other.  Sometimes, I would wonder where did this little girl go to?  A picture depicting Joy.

I recently have had to dig much deeper into my inner world and ask myself some difficult questions, probing deep.  Calling my Anger and Shame.  Ask Anger and Shame some deep questions.  And, using a powerful dream I had as a key to decipher further too.

I  had to question myself, why did I have to wait until New Zealand experienced a tragedy to become a strong voice of love.  Why did I deny myself my Joy?  To separate my physical self from my Soul’s Signature of Joy?

As I sat with my emotions and feelings,  I allowed what was within me to bubble to the surface.  To acknowledge a deeper layer of truth.

I asked a question of my higher self the other day, and immediately a song came into my mind “Joy to the World, All the Boys, and Girls, Joy to the Fishes in the Deep Blue Sea, Joy to you and Me”.

A further message.  

So, it was time to acknowledge and surrender. 

I acknowledged my perfection, I acknowledged my imperfections.  I acknowledged my humility, I acknowledged my humanness.   I acknowledged my mask, I acknowledged my truth.  I acknowledged my self-righteousness I acknowledged my righteousness. I surrendered into all of these. For, I am all of these. (Plus many more too)

Which led me to surrender again and again in Joy, my Soul’s Signature.   

This is where I sit right now, surrendering into JOY.  As I do so my body releases energy that is not aligned with this new level of JOY energy.  It will keep releasing until there is no more……… 




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