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The message was loud and clear!

The biggest strength is what we surrender to.

What if this statement was true?  If you surrendered to your biggest strengths. All of them.  What then?  Who would you be? Or not who would you become BUT who are you?

By surrendering to my biggest strength, I accept all of myself.  I am whole.

All those lives difficult lives, those difficult situations in this lifetime.  The stories that came from these is what you surrender to


Embody them all.

That is your strength.

That is your truth.

Surrender to every little bit of it, every story, every event, every tragic moment. They give you your strength, you surrender to all of them.

Many of you may say, how can I surrender to my biggest strengths?  As they are precious to me.  And yes you are right  They are precious because this is where your powerful presence comes from.

By surrendering to your biggest strengths you connect to your biggest strengths from different energy.  An energy that is pure, that does not carry any discord, disharmony or illusion.

What if you suspended everything that has kept you safe for one moment and surrender into the energy of your stories, the ones where you have been the strongest, the one where you have suffered greatly and so on.

Just for one moment let yourself merge with the energy and see what it feels like.  You don’t have to stay there.  Just experience it and see what it feels like for you.

What is your biggest strength?

Where have you gained?

What have you gained your biggest strength from?

What story, what event, what life, surrender to it, embody it.

My experiences, when I surrendered to the story all tension, all negativity, all lower vibration energy falls away.

Those lives we have had that have been the most traumatic or dramatic, can be where we have gained our greatest strength.  Same with these types of events you have experienced in this lifetime.

Surrender to these.  Don’t see them as anything else, other than a soul growing opportunity/experience.  Accept these lives and the impact it had on you, surrender to them and all else falls away.

Surrender to the narcissistic partner, the life where you were crucified, the life where you were burnt at the stake, the life where you were beheaded.  Or add your story in here.

Surrender to all of this, this is your where you find your biggest strength.

Do not resist your strength.

By surrendering you accept them all, as being a part of you.  When you do everything else falls away, there is nothing else.   There is no victimhood.  There is no discord toward others.  There is no room for negative emotion to get stuck in your body field.

You may say, “How do I do this? I can’t. Who would I be without these? I just have so much going on, how can I possibly do this?

And you are right.  How can you?  Who would you be?

What if it was true, that you surrendered, gave in, didn’t resist your greatness anymore.

You simply surrendered and embodied your pure crystalline energy and sat in the jewel of your crown, your Empowered Queenhood, your Empowered Knighthood energy what would it feel like?  The Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine perfectly aligned.

Try it.

What is your greatest strength?  Find that part of you and sit in that energy.

Feel it, feel your supreme creator energy, and surrender to it.

That was my message from Mt Wakefield found by Mt Cook in the Southern Alps of New Zealand, surrender to my biggest strengths.  To no longer be afraid of them.

It is time to acknowledge our strengths, instead of shying away from them.  Surrender into them so that you can live your truth, not part of it, all of it.

Live your full light spectrum, your symphony of light.

This is what the mountain taught me.

What is your greatest strength?  Do you know what it is?

Find it.  Discover it.  And surrender to it.

Do not hide away from your greatest strength. 

Keep repeating the surrender process until…………… are able to hold that energy moment to moment.

Find it.  Discover it. Surrender to it.

Embody it.

Be it!


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