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A vision, a Light Being and a HuMan standing alongside each other. The Light Being signified the soul’s light, with the human signifying the human aspect of self.

Relax and absorb the frequencies of transformation.

I am Human.  I am Soul.

I live from both realities.

I deny one I deny the other.

I live a dual reality.

Accepting our humanness with our so-called faults and flaws is the moment the inner war was won!


The inner-war was WON!  Total acceptance of my flaws and the flaws of others (so-called flaws).

Living from both sides of the coin.  Seeing and understanding both sides of the coin in every situation.

If I become too spiritual I become self-righteous, virtuous, there is no room for experience.

If I live totally in the physical I deny myself the joyfulness of spirit, the beauty in all things.

In my humanness, I may not see the Divine in all things.  The cruelty, the hatred, the destruction in the world.  I may ask where is the Divine in this?

In my SoulLight, I see the Divine Plan only.  I devoid myself of the human experiences. These experiences evolve my soul.

As I open myself to see both the humanness and SoulLight in all situations I am balanced and aligned.

I live in two worlds.  To deny one, I deny the other.

To resist one, I resist the other.

It is okay to feel the humanness of life.  If I feel angry today, I accept that.  If I feel unhappy about something I accept that. 

I tell myself a story about someone, true or untrue, I accept that.  That’s my humanness.  If I see this as a weakness, I accept that.    

We are dual.  We are Soul.  We are Human.

Relax now and fully connect to your magnificence to live this dual reality with ease and grace, love and joy, peace and harmony.

We feel we sense we believe we love we know from a dual reality.  From two sides of the coin.

They dance together.  

Surrender to that!

Then embed that into your cells.



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