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The very thing we run from is the very thing that helps us to make the world a better place”.

Please only take what is right for you at this time and leave the rest.   I am mindful that some of this information may stir something within you.  Some of what I mention may be the very core of your foundation for your life.   So, please sit with this and allow yourself the opportunity to discover what is right for you right now.  I in no way profess to know everything.  I share this, as part of my journey, with you, so that, if you are like me, to know that you are not alone.

I have always had great difficulty connecting to New Age Material, popular teachers of all things spiritual, religious practices and so on.  I went into these places hoping to find what I was looking for. Yet I didn’t find it there.  I thought there was something drastically wrong with me, with my spirit, with my soul.

I have spent many times saying inwardly to myself “what is wrong with me”.  No one else understand what you are talking about.

Yet I persisted with my journey of going within and searching for my truth.

I would read things and immediately something inside me didn’t resonant with the words. I couldn’t explain it.  Yet I berated myself.  I felt discordant.  And there were two sides of the coin operating here.  I felt discordant for two reasons:  My energy fields held discordant energies which required re-calibration and my soul’s wisdom held information that contradicted this discordant energy.

At times as I progressed through my ascension journey, I felt isolated, alone, and misunderstood.

Unravelling, untangling, remembering, reclaiming  our authenticity isn’t always an easy ride.  It can be wild at times.

At times it felt was harder.  These were those times of deep inner reflection.  Understanding the energy behind the unprocessed stories. Mostly I stayed quiet! That felt safest for me.

Yet there was something within me that held my deeper truth, under the many layers of incoherent energy.  I loved those ah-ha moments. Where a piece of the puzzle began to make sense.  That’s what kept me going.  I understood the difference in myself between my incoherent and coherent energy. 

This is my story in finding my way back to reclaim my Krystal Heart, My Christ Energies, My Divine Blueprint.  

It has taken me 26 years to arrive at this place. At times I fought. At times I struggled.  I refused to touch that piece of me that held the key to unlocking my most precious possession.

When I say 26 years, that was when I started to awaken consciously in this lifetime.

In truth I have always been on this journey, I just didn’t know it consciously.  I can look back now and know my soul’s light was always guiding me home.

As I look back over my life it looks pretty and normal, or pretty normal, as they say.  Yet at times I didn’t feel this. Sometimes I felt ugly, and this is story for another day.  I didn’t fit in.  I even felt isolated, at times, in my own family.

Yet through all of this I stayed strong.  I stayed on task, as they say, mostly.  At times I wanted to throw in the towel, so to speak.  Just stop all this “going within”.  Just fit in and be normal like everyone else.

Why was it so important to me? There was something within me that knew to keep going, even when the going got tough.  I never did give up really.  I kept going deeper into my wounds. Until I found that piece that finally opened my heart to a new level.

The very thing that will change the world is the very thing I refused to go to and that is reclaiming My Krystal Heart, My Divine Blueprint allowing me access to having a direct connection to God Source, where I can come to experience life from an integrated balanced dimensional vibration that of bliss and love.  Where there is no opposing fear dimension.

Unfortunately, I connected religion and spirituality with reconnecting to my Christ Energies, my Krystic Heart, and this didn’t feel good.   I needed to separate out these frequencies to reach a new level of understanding.  This was to be a major part of my learning in this lifetime.  Separating out what was truth and what was false from religious and spiritual teachings. No easy feat!

One day I said to myself, “Okay just let go of those old stories and see where that leads you.  Allow yourself to connect to the Holy Mother and the Holy Father and the Holy Christ-Sophia Consciousness and experience this for yourself.”  So that is what I did.  I surrendered.  By surrendering and reconnecting directly to these beautiful divine energy sources something different began to occur for me.

I found an inner peace that surpassed anything I felt for a long time.  I was able to meditate without being sidetracked.  As I meditated directly into this Source, information came through that was crystal clear and led me to my next level of ascension, if you like, or next level of learning and understanding of our fascinating and expanded world we really live in.

The mind-confusion I once experienced is no longer there.  Resulting in a strengthened trust of self.  Taking away confusion takes away the mistrust or distrust to leave you only with trust.  I began to trust my inner knowing which allowed me to piece together new information that I received from the Cosmos and integrate that into my life and help my clients too.

The deep soul fear I carried in my energetic imprint of being  attacked for speaking my truth slowly released its hold over my physicality.  This energy imprint of fear of attack was so deep, it was a deep deep soul wound I carried. Created many lifetimes ago. Thousands of years ago.

I was consciously aware of this imprint for the past 10 years.  Yet, I had difficulty fully transcending it.   It is still marginally there, yet, I am no longer afraid of this fear.  I have befriended this energy.  I understand it, how and why it was created.  It no longer rules my life.  One morning I woke up from a dream state where I was unable to breathe.  A Finale, if you like.  I had felt suffocated by the dark forces which had stopped me from fully accessing my cosmic intelligence.  Yet, because I had reclaimed my Khristic Energies the dream was not frightening or scary in anyway.  I understood its significance.  I knew I was safe and affirmed myself to continue to walk my path of truth.

As we  reclaim our own connection to One True Source, we create a direct connection to Source.  We do not need an intermediary. We do not need external teachings.  We do not need a Guru of any kind. We can only save ourselves. No one else can do this for us. We may need others to walk beside us. To know that we are not alone.  To know that there is a greater purpose for living.

This has became my motto

  • I am my own Guru
  • I am my own Teacher
  • I am Source

Awakening, truly awakening, is not really what I believed it to be.  To live a dual reality, balancing polarities, so above so below and so on.

A deeper understanding began to unfold, for me came when I walked the Camino in 2018.

One day I sat down and wrote 4 pages about all of the untruths, the falsities and mind control processes that we have been subject to as a human-beings for 1000’s of years.  The words flowed onto the paper from out of nowhere.  It was a bizarre experience.  I still didn’t connect the dots.  What was this all about?  There was a song that kept repeating in my head, as I walked, from Marianne Faithful “Working Class Hero”.  I even wrote all the words to her song out in my writing journal.  Look it up if you feel drawn.

This led me to my next level of awakened understanding.

I remember several years before this I was talking on the phone to a friend and said it is was all “BS”.  I didn’t know it at the time what I was referring to.  Something was stirring within me to know a deeper truth.

It took me several more years of investigatory inner work, to understand and I am still learning.

One of my lessons was to understand the depth and the level of artificial intelligence, mind-controls techniques, planetary interferences and false ascension matrixes, and the effect these have and how long they had been operating on earth, and the influence they are having on the human race.  This is a massive subject.  

Discovering this brought a new sense of enlightenment for me.

There was more than just something happening in my personal energy fields, than my “stuff”.  There were external influences as well, that were unseen and hidden from me.  You could call them the dark forces, I mentioned earlier.  My heart cried many tears for the destruction, chaos and confusion that reigned on this beautiful earth planet for many eons.  I took off my rose-coloured glasses with eyes wide opened I understood a greater truth.  Now the key was to break out of these false matrices.

As I broke free of these implants, these falsities, I was able to deepen my connection to my Krystal Heart.  And, I was no longer afraid to go deeper into unlocking that piece of me that only I had the key to open this up.  The great shame, guilt, anger and grief I carried was not mine to carry.  Read that again “the great shame, guilt, anger and grief I carried was not mine to carry”.  These emotional activators stopped me from accessing my divine blueprint, my Krystal Heart, my Christ-Christo-Sophia Consciousness.  Put in place by external sources to take me away from walking my path of truth.  

To reclaim my authentic one true source, brings me into alignment with my true inner spiritual nature.  Embodying my true spiritual source has put me on my road to personal freedom and released me from suffering.

And, has strengthened my knowing that I am truly able to create a better world for myself and those around me which then emanates out into the greater unified field.

Will you join me in reclaiming your Crystal Heart, your Christ Body?  Awaken, Transcend, Integrate to a new level of Ascension in your Physical Body?   There is something so beautiful, so holy, so divine embracing and embodying our Christ Energies.  To experience is the key to understanding the significance of how it feels.

Where are you in your journey of ascension?  Does your physical and spiritual container, hold your One True Source?  Do you experience fear and chaos in your life?  Does despair and suffering define you? Are your energy fields pure enough to stop infiltration or siphoning of your source energy? Do you feel at home in your body?

Each day I make a declaration of intent:  “I fully, completely, and totally commit to serve my highest power” and power up my 12D shield. This is my daily pill, taken twice a day.  Instead of going to a doctor and taking two pills a day, these are my pills for life.  I am on them for life. 

I cannot stress enough,  the importance of strengthening your protection shield around your body fields.  I feel that If we want to save the world, we must save ourselves.  To me, that means building a strong protective field around my body, my unseen and seen energy fields.  It is fully, totally and completely my responsibility.  No one else.  My own.   I am fully, totally and completely responsible for myself.

If you are reading this and something is stirring within you give yourself permission to find out what that is.  It may be something that you have been longing for, to find, within you.

These are some of the things in my everyday life I have found helpful

  • I stopped watching the news. If I did watch anything I need to determine if it was real or fake.   I found that there is much in this realm that is not the truth.  Also it is a deflective influence, that takes us away from knowing our truth.
  • I check what is in the foods I eat, where are they sourced from, organic or sprayed with toxic materials for growth and preservation.  I am careful not to fall into any mind-traps about what food regime is best.  We each have our own needs and our body will give us signals for what is right or not right for us.
  • I don’t believe everything I read or what I am told.  I research then try to make a valid judgement from my view of the world.
  • The most significant thing I do in my everyday life is to find the fear behind any of my emotional activators or triggers and then transform, transcend into something of a higher vibration.  I know fear kept me trapped in my life, in suffering and misery.

If you are reading this and something is stirring within you give yourself permission to find out what that is.  It may be something that you have been longing for, to find, within you.  

Please only take what is right for you at this time and leave the rest. I am mindful that some of this information may stir something within you, and has been the very core of your foundation for your life.  So, please sit with this and allow yourself the opportunity to discover what is right for you.

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