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Greetings of You of Great Joy!

“Single Soul Occupancy of the Soul’s Single Spirit”

The doorway to Our Single Soul Self, Unity Fields, Cosmic Intelligence

The Multi-Dimensional University in the Sky has been a great learning experience for many Star Seeds.  This is how we have been gaining momentum, figuratively, to ascend on earth without interference of external negative powered forces, named Service to Self Fraction.  

The Service to Self, were unable to access this intelligence as it was held in a higher dimensional realm that they could not access.  Dimensions are another topic in themselves!

One way they could gain access to information was through hitch-hiking with us on earth, either energetically or as a physical person. 

Meaning energies or entities that do not belong to us have hitched a ride with us in our energy fields. We do not hold within ourselves Our One True Source.  There is our energy plus other foreign energy in our energetic container, which includes the physical body.

Or we meet people, who are perhaps are friends or colleagues, that are wolves dressed in sheep’s clothing.  They appear in their actions and their words to be in alignment with us.  Yet, they can be, from the Service to Self Fraction.  

Awareness, discernment and mindfulness are key ingredients in these situations.  

Part of our awakening is to determine with discernment and mindfulness if we carry any of these hitch-hikers.  I see it time and time again, when people experience aggressive forms of behavior, mostly it is from hitch-hikers energy.  Even, in sickness, especially people with cancer.  In most cases their carry hitchhikers.   It is import, to release, and return this type of energy to their rightful owner. 

One way to strengthen our individual container is to create a 12D shield around our body fields, each and every day.  Strengthening our individual container not only strengthens our reconnection back to our one true source, we are also able to return to sender these hitchhikers.    

Another great lesson I learned was to be mindful of those that you feel are not yet awakened.  As these people, may be the very ones you attended the Multi-Dimensional University with.   They could be partners, family members, friends that you frequently connect with and sometimes wish you could shake them awake.  Yet, they have a different role.  They may be the one, that put their hand up, to be the very catalysts for your awakening.  Remembering, we can only, sometimes, see with our physical eyes.  And, this is not always the full picture.  

If you feel it is your time now, if you are carrying these hitchhikers, to drop them off at the next safe station for their energy to be sent to the Mother Arc Portal, The Shadow Vortex, for return to rightful owner, or if you like use the metaphor “return to sender”, with love in your heart. 

Where they can choose to return to their home address (return to sender) or return to the light for healing and transformation.    

Import though to have your 12D shield locked, loaded and sealed over your one source container before doing this. 

Reclamation of our Krystalline Energy in its entirety involves transformation of our pain, suffering, hitchhiker entities, parasites, soul trauma. It can be described as the road less traveled, yet I see it as a road of a must travel, to be free.  It is a bit like taking a pilgrimage.  This can be in many forms. 

Everyday is a pilgrimage! Or, if that sounds too old fashioned “Everyday is a walk closer to freedom”

These are some ways, some of the people I know have undertaken.

  • Walking long distance over many days.
  • Fasting for short or long periods, depending on the capabilities of the body.
  • Vision quests without external mechanisms to enhance the journey. 
  • Spending time in nature for long periods of time, reconnecting to your single soul occupancy. 
  • Some people even undergo extreme sports, intense physical pressure can also activate levels of transformation. 
  • There are many ways to walk your path to freedom, to become God Sovereign Free beings.  

It is an Inside Job.

This is exciting to me, it brings me great joy to be home in the light. It feels so good.  I have my peaks and troughs.  Yet I understand myself and my environment, allowing me to understand what is required of myself quickly.  

If I mistake something or don’t get the full picture, it always appears in some form out from somewhere.  The world mirrors back to me what I need to see.  The external world is a great reflection of the inner world. 

Sometimes, what has happened for me, I receive a message, that may not make a lot of sense, yet, that gets the ball rolling.  I may not reach the pivotal place of learning until some months down the track.  My life can be seen as one of many metaphors and symbolism. It was many years before I fully understood the falsities encrypted on earth.  It was from my Pilgrim Walk through Spain 2018 after walking for days on end transforming and transcending karmic miasmic patterns that I began to join the dots, so to speak.   And, I am still learning.   As my lockup, treasure chest opens further I will discover more. 

There is a whole section of humanity that are decent, kind, loving people, who have quietly been living their lives, who have tucked away an inner treasure chest, their secret lockup, their golden nugget, who are about to find their keys and open their secret hallways too.  


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