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Following your heart to flow into your fullest self-expression, fullest self-love, and  selflessly serving others.

“What was intended as suppression, became storage, as the Time Capsule Within Bone”

The Codex from the 11.11 Krystalline Portal openly expressed on earth, reactivation and reclamation of our 12 strand kyrstalline patterning.

There is so much to retrieve from our suppressed storage time capsule.  Will you allow yourself, avail yourself the time and space to write as you retrieve?

What we run from?  We run from our Creation Energy Source, our Divinity, Our Joy, Our Bliss, Our Love.

We don’t run from our fear, we let fear keep us from experiencing how beautiful and truly divine we really are.

If only we knew that in transforming our fear, how it would feel and to be fully present in this world.  How much we could overcome not just in our personal lives, and on a global scale too.

Owning our One True Source, if we all reclaim this, we would be surprised (yet, not really), what we could achieve as a universal consciousness.

My history involves living 100,000 years ago in An Ancient Civilisation called Lemuria.  It was a place of high vibration.  Where there was a deep love of self.  A deep love for others.  A deep love for our earth.  We were compassionate, peaceful and living in our Krystalline Energy.  We held this energetic frequency within our bodies.  We lived peaceful meaningful creative lives.

Until, over a period of time, darkness overcame us.  From external sources that infiltrated that civilisation.  I had a dream where I couldn’t breathe, showing me being overcome by these forces and a picture of how my Krystalline Energies had ended up.  With holes and black spots covering my Diamond Energy.  Lemuria, as it once was, was no longer.

This is the energy I have been reclaiming.

Very fortunately, though, what occurred was this energy and information became suppressed.  It became storage.  I never fully lost it.  It was suppressed by the dark forces, expecting us never to arise again to reclaim this energy for ourselves, which is rightly ours anyway.

So, what was suppressed became storage.  And, if you were on Lemuria, your story may feel familiar.

On 11.11 a new Krystalline Energy Portal opened on earth, during this timeframe and is still available to us all.

Have you experienced some sort of awakening?   Where you maybe seeing a deeper truth in the history of the world around you?  Are you seeing a new level of atrocities that have occurred, and seeing them in a new light?   Are you seeing the depth of destruction from generation to generation in families, where health issues, drug issues are escalating. Babies being born from parents that suffer from drug addiction, leaving them struggling from the moment they are born.  Health issues manifesting more rapidly than usual.

Where there is an increase in stealing to assist with drug addiction habits. Where we are being bombarded with consumerism, buy this and buy that. 

All mechanism that keep us from reclaiming our one true source.

With this new Krystalline Portal you maybe feeling more at peace for some unknown reason, with no conscious explanation.  It could be that the energy feels familiar to you in some way, you like it, it feels safer.   And as you feel safer, there is less fear and you see the world through a different set of glasses.

Or maybe you have experienced a health crisis, you feel unmotivated, lacking energy and dehydrated.  These can be ascension symptoms.  If you are concerned have them checked out by your usual team of professionals.

The Krystalline Energy Portal Activation is assisting us to return to our Krystic State of Being.  It is a way of life.   A state of being.   A presence we hold.  An energetic vibration.  Where we do no harm to ourselves, others and the earth.   We hold our one true source within.  Where we have direct access to the Creation Vortex where infinite possibilities are available to us.  Where we can achieve self-mastery.

As we arise, ascend back into our Krystalline Energy Blueprint so to are the earth’s fields.  What is in the Macro is in the Micro.  What is in the Micro is in the Macro.  What is within the earth is within us.  What is within us is in the earth.

We will take better care of the earth.   We will do it no harm.  We will do no harm to others.

Understanding the extent of the game, of hijacking of our inner technologies, leading to a distortion in our realities, from a pure heart with no agenda is the key here.

We need to understand that much of what we consider as negative that we created in our histories, was created by this hijacking of our inner technologies (our Divine Blueprint) from external forces.  With the idea to keep us in negative polarity so that we never reclaimed our Krystalline Energies.  

That was the idea of suppression.  Yet what was suppressed became storage in our bone structure.

This opens the dialogue of where we see many health issues relating to our bone structure.  Bone Marrow, hips, arthritis, knees, skull and so on.  Perhaps the very reason we experience these such issues, discomfort, malfunctioning is this?  We carry with our physical anatomy our histories that have been suppressed.

When we reclaim our Krystalline Energies will we see some of these issues dissolve or disappear?  To me this is worth considering.

As I have worked with myself and my  clients with this knowledge I can sense a new knowledge arising.  I do not have scientific knowledge to back this up, yet there is the Law of Structure.  I feel it in my bones.  That old saying “I just know.  I feel it in my bones”.  And, many people with bone ailments, like arthritis, say “I know it is going to rain, I feel it in my bones”.

I am not sure where all of this will lead humanity yet.   I am learning to listen on a new level, as I too was able to deepen my connection to the Krystalline Energies from the 11.11 portal.

I am bringing knowledge from within me, that was suppressed into storage.  As I do my understanding is that more and more will be revealed as we move in 2020.

I feel it in my bones that 2020 will be a year of great awakening for ALL OF US.

I invite you to read with an open heart and a loving head-heart connection.  We are all truly divine beings of light.  Some have fallen.  As they have fallen so too can the next generation of that genetic ancestry.  Sometimes, generation after generation experience this until all light has gone out and there is only darkness.

Are you ready to bring what is suppressed in your bones out into storage for accessing from within your Krsytalline Energy Structure?

So, that we can create an even greater and deeper awakening in the collective consciousness of our beautiful place we call earth.

I speak to all those that feel the call, to arise from within.  And, I know from the past we have experienced deep trauma to our Krystalline Light.  Yet is it time, now, for us to arise, ascend and bring back our wisdom and knowledge to the world?  To be empowered.  To speak our Truth.  To walk our path to freedom.

I was shown an imagery of us all throwing down our weapons, surrendering and allowing the Divine Holy Spirit to move through us.  To be rebirthed into the fullness of who we truly are.

What is choice will you make?





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