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As I sat down to write this morning and I am drawn back to my commitment I made several days ago, that I would avail myself the time and space to write and retrieve and not run from publicly sharing my writings.  A test! Would I fully commit to serving my higher calling?  When it was more difficult subject to write about?

 What I write here is from my experiences and I share these with you as they may awaken something in you on some level.  Please only take what is right for you now and leave the rest.  

 “A doorway overshadowed entirely by a spider’s web, except for the top right-hand corner.  A doorway allowing connection and access to the wisdom of the soul”

 This was my vision to understand the Great Illusion.  A webbing that covered the doorway in to access the wisdom of our soul’s knowing. 

 This Great Illusion created not by ourselves but, by external forces.   Created to hijack our infinite knowing that we are God Beings.  Who are Krystalline Energy. Christ Light. 

 Many times I have returned to earth to speak my truth, yet again and again, I was suppressed leading to a feeling of being suffocated within. It is a wonderful thing, though, as we never lost this energy force.  It may have been suppressed yet it was never taken.  We may have thought it was taken. Yet, it was never taken.  

 We may have been overcome.   Overshadowed.  Suppressed. Forcibly denied speaking our truth.  And so on! Creating all sorts of wounds and trauma to our soul’s light.   

Yet it was never taken. 

A Great Illusion created to take us away from knowing our true self.  

There has been so much pain and suffering in the world created by this Great Illusion. Lost civilisations. Lost knowledge. Lost Indigenous Wisdom.  Lost knowledge from our own unique wisdom.  And so on! 

A dream a while ago, I expected, I waited, for a wave to overcome me, a wave of emotion, yet it never came.  What came was the experience of being suffocated.  I could not breathe.  My Spirit was cut off.  My Breath Cautioned.  My Breath caught in my throat unable to speak, unable to breath from the voice from within me.  My Divine Breath.  

A suppression.  A suffocation.  

Each time I returned to live a human live, to speak The Truth I was suppressed and suffocated many times.  

Until one day I said “No, never again, will I allow this to happen.  Never again would I fear the darkness.  Never again.”  

As a result for me: The Walls of Great Illusion came tumbling down. 

You begin to see it everywhere.  Looking out around me I felt it, spied it, viewed it,  everywhere, with love in my heart.  

Yet I to was a Great Illusionist, amongst many others.   We knew in the heart of our hearts, that what we held in our lock up, our hidden treasure chest, in the secret hallways we would one day find the key to open these pathways up, again. Pathways to reconnect us to our 12 Strand Christ DNA, Our 144 Avatar Harmonics, the Templates of our Krystal Heart, 12 Tree Grid, the architecture of our multidimensional consciousness, our One True Source, our Divine Blueprint.     

The Veils are being lifted.   

The Spider’s Web has been pulled away to reveal the Great Illusion.  

I am taken back to a dream I had many months ago where I was shown scab being removed from under a shell on the human body.   When this scab came off and its was encapsulated in a glass bottle and how angry it was.  It could not come out of the glass bottle.  It was encased.  This force was safely encased in this portal, it couldn’t escape.  This force would never again be able to suppress or suffocate us again.   We would be FREE!. 

Aligned with the Cosmic Heart of Source from our Eternal Living Light Flame held fully and completely and totally within our Trinitized Field of Divine Holiness. 

 Have you found your key?  If so, what have you done with your Key? 

I grieved deeply for the Great Illusion and the effects it had on my soul, so deeply embedded in my lungs. If only I could have been stronger. These are the stories we tell ourselves.  If only this and if only that.  Perhaps I could have prevented this happening lifetime after lifetime.

 Yet, these forces were cunning, manipulative and forceful.  And, coerced others to join them in their Great Illusion.  They were a powerful force. Yet, not anymore. We are now stronger than ever.  We have reached a pivotal place in history for great change and for us to re-experience our alignment with our Cosmic Heart Source, if that is our individual choice.   

 To become an even stronger force we need to clean up our emotional and mental bodies, our astral bodies, cleansing out false matrices, false ascension timelines and dimensions and reconnect ourselves to our True Source.  

 For some, it may feel like it is more fearful to reconnect with our True Source, yet to me there is nothing more painful that staying under the Great Illusion. Overcoming our fear of the darkness allows us to hold ourselves to reclaim our Divine Light. Allows us to never be afraid of the dark.

 I remember as a 7 year old.  I was on holiday in Auckland NZ.  Staying at my cousins.  We attended church one night in the Auckland Town Hall.  This was many, many moons ago! In the 1960’s. Something happened that night.  A  very deep soul wound was touched.  I vomited copiously.  All over the floor of the town hall. Many times. This story stayed with me for many years.  Unable to eat beetroot and mayonnaise together. Thinking this was my trigger.  Yet, it wasn’t the food.  It was something much deeper. A deep deep soul wound carried within in my morphogenetic field.  From that time forward it was as though I got lost in my smile. I smiled a lot. Yet it was a false smile. A mask. It covered my pain. 

The pain yet again of being denied to live my truth from my True Source.  A memory so poignant from my childhood yet pivotal in my journey. 

Our truth is always with Us. It never leaves. It becomes suppressed. Available for retrieval at the right time. 

 My experience, is that when I felt safe enough, fearless enough, I could without a doubt, know: 

 That I have the power within me to open my secret passageways, my lock up, my inner treasure chest to reclaim my Divine Presence.

 The Loving Divine Omni-Presence where there is no force, no control. Just allowing the Divine to flow through.  A Divine Presence that is fluid, flowing, and luminescence. Filled with Divine Light and Divine Love, so scrumptious, so sparkling, so delicious.  How can you not use words like HOLY, SACRED and DIVINE to describe this energy? 

Our Inner Treasure Chest that has been held in storage can now be unlocked.  Our physical structure will transform, transcend from carbon to krystalline, our Golden Light. 


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