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The Divine Breath Arises from Within Me

I carry the Flame, the Holy Flame of the Divine Holy Breath within me

The beautiful voice of the Holy Breath emanates from within out from Me.

I hold this as my truth.  I know this.  I trust this.  This is my knowledge now.  There is no doubt.  I carry this wisdom in my beautiful, kind, joyful heart.

I do not shy away from this.

As so too will The Fellow Feminine Folk alive here and now

We will rise.   We will ascend.  We will all carry within us the voices of the Holy Breath.

We Will again.  We Will.   We Will.

There is no turning back now!

We will go forth and be the Voices of Women to be heard and acknowledged

The Arisen Empowered EvoKative Divine Feminine.

In all her glory, her beauty, and her radiance

She has risen.  She will rise.  She has ascended to a new level. 

Our deep deep wounds will heal, have healed, are healing,

These Voices of Women

We RECLAIM our Divine Rightful Birthright to live fully in our powerful presence, in divine harmony in our Aligned & Balanced Christo-Christo Sophia Energies

Holding that Twin Flame within, burning it brightly.   We will do this.  This is no fairytale.

We Awaken.   We Ascend.  We transform. We transcend.

May the true voices of the Divine Breath speak through you, the Voices of Women.

I am, you are, we are re-birthing

Into Our Krystalline Presence

Have you received the Call?

What have you answered the Call with?

As my friend Annie said, a new play is about to begin and we are the Arising Stars.



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