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Please only take what is right for you now and leave the rest.  I share this with you to light the way for others that maybe, just maybe there is something that you are searching for and have not yet found. And, what I write may help you.

Progressing in our inner journey of ascension we find ourselves in places we feared or dared not to go, once. Yet, the truth will set us free.

We cannot ascend if we have inner friction.  We may pretend that it is not within us.  Hide from it. This only creates a tug of war within.  Or pull push energies within.  Or there is persistent knot in the stomach, or persistent pain in the backside,  or a persistent something, somewhere in our inner world, yet refuse to investigate its reason for showing up.

It may feel like we are on top of a mountain, then all of a sudden it feels like we have gone into a deep cavern.  Boom! A downward spiral into the deep cavern.  Where it is dark, black and gloomy.

Yet, if we know and understand our inner friction, understanding the whys and wherefores, we can ride these peaks and troughs with ease and grace (mostly).

I see this many times, where we consider we are ascending yet we refuse or we don’t really, truly understand our shadow self.

I see people afraid of the darkness, some call it evil in the world.  We close our eyes to it, pretend it is not there.  Yet we are only living half a life, stuck in fear of the darkness. We may know it is there, not really comprehending the vastness of it all. I just close my eyes to it.  I will stay in my bubble.  It feels safe. Pretend it is not there.  I will shut myself off from it.  I have my blinkers on.

This was me.  I closed my eyes to the darkness of the world.  As I did my heart became closed too.  One day,  I asked my higher self if I carried a hardened heart.  The answer came back as no.  It felt like I carried a hardened heart.  Yet, it wasn’t that.  It was that I have closed off my Krystal Heart so that I didn’t have to feel the pain and suffering in the world.  Being the sensitive being that I am, I just closed off my heart, it was too big a burden to carry.  Slowly over time, my heart closed off.  And, I had forgotten why I had initially began to close my loving heart down. And, the my soul carried deeps wounds that were created from fearing the “darkness”.

Until I began to cleanse myself of the deep deep soul wounds that I carried.  When I reached a level of safety from within, it was only then that I was able to open up and reclaim my Krystal Heart.  My beautiful, loving, kind, caring and soulful heart.  I feel in-love with my heart all over again.

I opened my eyes too darkness, viewed it in its truth.  And, that set me free!  I remember telling my husband what I was feeling, the level of pain and sadness evoked within.  With tears running down my face.  Yet, that was the best medicine I could give myself.  As I talked I transformed that pain I felt into something more loving, more divine, more pure.   I arose from the trough up onto my mountain top, to see the beautiful view from the top.  It was exhilarating. 

I had watched an episode on TV of a religious sect in the States.  How 11, 12, 13 year old girls were being sexually abused by their leader because they carried the “devil” in them. The sexual episode was said to purge them of the devil. Such a terrible lie to place on the souls of these wee children.  And, how it had affected them as grown adults, and the damaged it created on their soul’s light.  Yet, this action was not from the True God Source.  This was not from the God Source that I knew to be ever-loving, omni-present.  

I opened my heart to the truth of this. And that truth set me free to a new level.  I no longer hid from the darkness.  I could see it all around me.  Yet I was no longer afraid of it.  That is liberating.  That is freedom.

This journey is about strengthening our individual connection back to our Own One True Source.  Our Krystalline Energy, Our Krystic Heart.

Be the Light that we truly are!

That is my truth right now!  To be the light in the world to lighten up the earth.

What is your truth? Do you believe it is a POSSIBILITY to achieve this?  Or an impossibility.

I believe anything is possible.

Finding our Inner Truth sets us free.

We carry The Christed Light, our True SoulLight Essence at the center of our being.

On the 11th of the 11th, the Krystalline Consciousness portal opened on earth to a new level for all of us, to all activate, reclaim, or strengthen our Diamond Krystal Consciousness.

Holding karmic patterns, soul wounds or fear of being overcome by darkness, the experience maybe a little or a lot uncomfortable or unpleasant.

We will ALL undergo some level of cleansing during this period.  No one will be exempt.  Some may go to deeper levels than others depending on where they are in their journey of inner ascension.

My experience was a very deep one, that took me down into my basement to reach a new level of understanding, to then ascend from this with a new awakening and illumination.  

I cannot emphasis the import of clearing out all that is in our closets that hinder us from living from our one true source, being God Sovereign Free beings.  It is imperative.

It is a full-hearted commitment to serve.

You may say, I haven’t got the time to commit to this.  You can remain living in fear if that is your reality or you can ascend to live more fully in JOY.

Switch off the TV.  Spend time in nature.  Spend time connecting to your higher self.  Spend time understanding yourself, your fears, your emotional body and so on.  This may upset some people in your environment.  Yet, the question to ask yourself “what is most import for me right now, what others think of me, or my journey to reclaiming my Krystalline Energies”.

Dedication.  Commitment. Persistence.

It is not a Fairy Tale.   This is not a religious or spiritual teaching.  This is a way of life of living from your one true source. Where there are no other foreign energies that belong elsewhere, within your energetic container.  Where you know at the core of your being you are a Divine Spark of God, made by the Creator and you carry within you the Christo-Christo-Sophia Consciousness.

You are this.  Not just a select few.

Transform.  Transcend.

Will you rise above the fear of darkness.  You will understand it.  So, that It can no longer feed off you.

Somewhere deep inside me I knew this was a possibility.  I am beginning to experience this again.

Once upon a time, I thought that whatever was happening out in the world was part of the Divine Plan.  Yet, something in me didn’t  connect with this.  The Divine Presence that I knew, didn’t resonant with the story that I was taught.  Oh! that’s the Divine Plan we need to experience all things to grow and evolve from.

The truth that I discovered, was that many thousands of years ago the dark forces overcame our Krystal Presence. We were infiltrated and hijacked by external energies that did not belong to us and who did not have our permission to do.

Even if you feel you are totally, completely and fully unworthy of this.  For whatever reason we perceive this to be the case.  Even those who feel so lost in the darkness.  There is a way forward into the light of your soul.    

Will you walk with me?

To Follow your Heart’s Truth.

To Follow into the Truth of Your Heart, to experience Freedom from your Fullest Expression!

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