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About Jan

Her own journey to Beyond Light

Jan is a Creative Humanist where she assists others to strengthen their connection back to their One True Source.   Our One True Source where we are held within our Individual 12D LightBody.  

To reach this state we much awaken to the shadow aspects of self from within, transforming, transmuting, transcending these energies, then integrate to reach a new level of enlightenment or ascension.   When Jan talks about ascension she is meaning ascending the energies within our bodies to a higher vibration energy. 

Everything is energy;  every cell, tissue, organ, emotion,  every human condition; body pain, health issues, dysfunction, mental mind issues.  Without changing the energetic imprint of the body fields nothing changes.  Our energy bodies hold the imprints to our soul’s journey thus far.  These imprints holds the key to what energies require transformation, transmuting and transcending.   What has manifested in the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies of our human body are all key that require unlocking to return you to your Krystalline Energy.   



Janice Marie Stein known as Jan. 

Jan has been a searcher of her truth.  Little did she understand when she started out on this journey, that this was where she was heading to where she is today. Reclaiming her 12D LightBody.  Fortunately we cannot always see the pathway in front of us.  

Jan now leads a simple yet fulfilling life.  Married, for 40+ years to her beautiful beloved, and they have two adult children. 

 From humble beginnings with her farming family in Waikato district in New Zealand, where strict disciplined religious teachings were their way of Life.  To relinquishing all ties with her biological family at the age of 16 years to travel her own journey in the world from a different perspective.   Yet, these early teachings assisted her in many ways to understand her reason for this lifetime’s journey.    From the corporate world to developing and running a small family business with her husband to now living in the Coromandel District, in New Zealand. 


Life is a journey to be savored every step of the way.  Have you heard that saying?  Jan had that saying hanging in her house for many years.  She didn’t really understand the significance of this until many years later.

Once she began to understand the bigger picture of life she began to understand and enjoy her journey.  It was through this saying that she discovered more of herself and understood the realness of her journey.  She understood that each physical realm experience she has had was for the evolution of her soul.  So she could grow and evolve to be the best that she can be with her gifts and abilities.

She considers herself fortunate.  She was born into a family with very strict ideals.  Although growing up as a child in that environment she didn’t really appreciate it’s relevance at the time.  It took her many years of inner investigation to understand the bigger picture. It was in that understanding that she understood the significance of her childhood and the gifts her parents bestowed upon her.  



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