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D-Light Essence

Lighten Soul Signature

Plant – made from two English roses with colors of soft purple and pink a graceful and enchanting combination.  Grown at the Gardens of Kingfisher Paradise located in the Coromandel region of New Zealand

The element is Ether to accentuate your sparkle and shine bringing delight into your journey.

The catalyst for bringing enchantment gracefulness and pleasing energy to enlighten the spirit

Crystalline Note G

Key Concepts – To soften and quieten the active mind.  For the delicate soul that sometimes feels trapped in its human body, hiding its beauty underground.  To bring the softness of the soul, soothing the soul’s light with gentle enveloping energy to comfort and nurture bringing its mystery and magic signature alive within. For those who find the earth’s energies harsh creating within an inner anxiousness and agitation energy. to bring to conscious mind the true whispers of the soul. 

Key Vibration – Lighten-up 

Incantation “By the powerful creative force that I AM I AM Peace, Love, and Joy.  I wholeheartedly embrace my gentle delightful spirit, and so it is, and so it is and so it is”. repeat three times at each incantation

“I am softness of spirit. I am softness of mind. My soul is lightened. My gentle spirit is graceful and enchanting. My glow is sparkle and shine”

20 MLS NZD$32.00


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