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 We all have the ‘stuff” we carry around like virtual luggage and we hardly even know that we’ve got it. It doesn’t attract excess baggage charges at the airport, but it sure can slow us down, and it doesn’t feel good. Interestingly we can sometimes see other peoples virtual baggage (or some of it anyway) and we wish they could let it go (or at very least stop going on about it!)  but we are less aware of our own. And… worse still, the baggage is standing between where we are now and where we want to be.

So I’ve been working with Jan for a while now, and I’ve cut that baggage loose (or most of it) and it feels great. Let’s roll the story back a bit.
Like most people who start off coming to see Jan, I came in with some physical health issues (minor in my case) and had been dabbling in alternative health therapies for a while. I had also woken up spiritually (after a bad early start with mainstream religion had really put me off for a couple of decades), but all that meant was that I was aware and open to the fact that there was stuff out there that I didn’t understand.
So I came to see Jan, and it was comfortable and she had technology, scanners, drops and physical therapy and she asked interesting questions and nothing phased her. I felt better.
After a while I noticed that we stopped doing the physical things and had moved to the emotional, mental and spiritual arena. That’s when things really got interesting. Each month before I went to see Jan, I would review what was going on in my life, at work, with friends and family and especially what I was struggling with. Specifically who was annoying me or causing me ‘grief’, or what thorny issues seemed to keep reappearing in my life. These are the clues.  Then we would talk together about these things and Jan might ask: why does that annoy you?, what are you feeling?, what else? what’s underneath that?, can you see that issue anywhere else in your life? has it happened before? and then… what would you like to feel, act or be?
At that point there are two paths, I take away the questions to think about further, and Jan puts the issue into the Timewaver scanner and it zaps you with some energetic help to resolve the issues. For me, what I’ve learned is that whilst the energy on its own can assist whether it be the Timesaver or mantras or solfeggio… or whatever you might like to listen to, if you don’t learn the lesson and change your behaviour/belief then you won’t completely let the issue go. And sometimes the letting go can be dramatic. If the body lets go an unhelpful belief it has been carrying around for 30 or 50 years, you might get an intense physical pain. When I rang Jan the first time it happened I said “WTF” and she said “Do you want me to slow the energy down?’, but I had to say “Hell no, I want rid of this s**t!”  That’s a good pain. It rarely happens but when it does it lets you know you’ve hit the motherload…. and then you can go onto the next thing.
Eventually (I’m pleased to say) you’ll notice the good things start happening more and more, and the surprising things. The problematic person who no longer irks you, just ‘up and leaves’ (and you’re not perfect, you are allowed a private high-five about that)  and then the most thorny problem you are dealing with at work seems to miraculously untangle, or you come out of a meeting and wonder “ did that great outcome just happen? and how?  A beautiful solution that you couldn’t have even dreamed up occurs, and sometimes everyone benefits except the person causing the problem. Neat, because the universe certainly has a sense of humour.
Then your friends and family start looking at you funny – sideways in a disbelieving way and ask things like “ did you just …..” or “ but you never do…..” and you just shrug and say, “oh yeah, I changed my mind/plan on that” – and you did, but without stress or duress. You just get up one morning and find the barrier has gone and you calmly do something that would have been your worst nightmare a month earlier.
And so life gets easier, because both the irks have gone and because new good and useful things start happening – like synchronicity and manifesting. Manifesting is fun, you start with the little things and then build up your confidence. Then you realise you are peaceful, happy,  more compassionate/loving or just nicer to be around and whilst you may not be up for a sainthood just yet, the gaps between the annoying issues get longer and the resolution of them gets quicker and easier. You’re off the mouse wheel, and life it no longer a struggle.
Jan will tell you that’s about your connection to the divine within, I’m still recovering from the mainstream religion hangover, so I like to say ‘I’m in the flow with the good energy’ – and planning to stay there and keep increasing the flow.
So if you are ready to move Beyond Health and explore Beyond Light, sign up for the new site and receive the wisdom and Jan can transition you from one to the next.
Christine 12/12/2018

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