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Finding Joy through Journaling

Stop and Ask Yourself Two Questions?

What is my life’s purpose?

What is my Soul’s Signature?

What did you discover?

Love Expressed

The Joy of Being Alive


Inner Bliss!



Discover Joy. 4 week online journaling course

Are you searching for something that you don’t quite know what it is?  Are you looking for healing?  Are you seeking to ascend to a new level so that your consciousness can expand?

finding joy

A description of JOY, a feeling of great pleasure and happiness.
The Soul’s Signature of Joy is the I AM JOY.  To see the beauty in all things, without anything in between.  Love Expressed.  It is an energy that permeates your energy fields. You carry the essence of JOY in your presence.
The soul may feel joyful yet there is still a sense of sadness that permeates the physical body. The key is to bring both the physical body and the soul body into unity.
It’s an inner playfulness, being childlike, your inner child is bursting to come out and play.
The body’s energy is smiling.  That Joy of being alive feeling.
It’s seeing the beauty in the simplicity of life, receiving from the simple things in life, like a walk in the park, the smell of the flower, the feel of the sand beneath your feet.  Deliciousness!
It’s being inquisitive, being curious, taking a moment to study the bee sipping the nectar from the flower.  Watching, welcoming, connecting, to this beauty in nature.
It’s gratitude for being alive, for the gorgeous people and themes you have in your life.  Seeing the beauty and dance with these people and your themes.
It’s kindness, my heart is open to receive and give.   I am balanced, to give and receive equally.
It’s your senses open to the array of juiciness around you.  The smell of the sweetness, the smell of the sourness, intermingling together.
It’s your thoughts embracing the fragrance of your essence, love, peace, and joy.  There is no room for anything else.
It’s your true essence, your soul’s signature.  Life ebbs and flows.  I am Love.  I am Peace. I am Joy.
And so it is, and so it is, and so it is.

What you will get, the course details

A four-lesson module online course.
Lesson 1. Self-Honour
Lesson 2.
Lesson 3.
Lesson 4.

What's Included in the Course?

4 PDF Workbooks, illustrated, with teachings.
Once you register you receive instant access to all 4 lessons and PDF workbooks.
Awaken to your gorgeousness!
Connect to your gorgeousness!
Illuminate your gorgeousness!
Course Cost $125.00NZD

Journaling will help you discover more of you!

It’s fun, it’s rewarding, it’s insightful, it’s an unraveling process!

Ready to start?

Grab a book to write in and your favourite pens!

for your eyes only

A place to write your private thoughts.

Without judgement or prying eyes

The Real Secret!

Understand your world thru journaling.


Moment of Truth

Life not flowing, you are out of alignment with your life’s purpose


These teachings are based on Jan’s life’s work.  It has been through understanding her world through journaling that she discovered her true essence.  Will you join in, to journey within?

To awaken, connect and illuminate your soul’s signature?


Soul Signature, what is this?

Each person has their own unique soul signature.  That is Our Individual Infinite Soul.

This has a core, and at the heart of that core is the resonance of the soul, the soul’s signature.   

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Self Discovery, why?

You know yourself the best, better than anyone else.  Honesty with self is key.

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Joy Zappers

We all have joy zappers.  I had truckloads.

I carried with me unexpressed and unprocessed emotions, that were stuffed & overbrimming inside me.

My body and mind were out of sync, overloaded with energetic chemical imbalances.

Couldn’t understand why I kept experiencing the same things in my relationships over and over again. Until one day I understood.  What the one constant factor? ME

I came in with energy patterns from past lives, I call them karmic miasmic patterns. Carrying these we recreate some of the stories from old lives in this life and cannot understand why?

I had a set of rules and boundaries the became invalid as I felt safer and trusted my inner knowing more.  As time progressed I was able to create healthier boundaries more aligned with who I am today.

Oh! yes, that’s right, I was out of alignment with my life’s purpose.  I resisted it.  I didn’t want to do what I had chosen to do before I reincarnated on this earth.

And, yes, out of alignment with my life’s purpose my true spirit was suppressed.  I became depressed in spirit!  Until I began to awaken!



Created by Beyond Light

Author Jan Stein

Jan lives in the Coromandel in New Zealand.  She was guided to this place of high energy to strengthen her joy vibration.  She had forgotten that JOY was her true soul signature.  

Jan sees all life as energy.  Everything is energy.  Raise or uplift your energetic frequency you see the world thru different eyes.  You find your inner truth, your uniqueness, your magnificence.     

She is a strong advocate for healing from within using the principles of Bio-Energetic and Informational Healthcare for effective and lasting change. 

She still finds joy through journaling daily.  She considers this space sacred and precious.  

She is married with two adult children. You will find her in her 6 acres of garden, talking to the unseen nature spirits and guides. 

Delightful and Joyful Living!

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