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Frequently Asked Questions

A snapshot of some of the questions asked by Jan's clients

Q: I can’t figure out why it is difficult for me to speak up? Why don’t I feel confident and am unable to articulate what I want to say?  When I speak up people don’t listen to me.  Why is that?

A: You are not alone  in this one.  When we have a strong sense of self,  a strong sense of knowing Who I Am, a strong sense of trust and belief in one-self (myself) I feel confident and I will articulate well.  When I am stronger all of this will follow suit.  When I trust my inner knowing above all else, then all of these issues fall away.  They may still happen yet the effect on me will not be the same.  This is what helped me.  I knew things yet I was unable to articulate.  I had a knowing yet was unable to put these into human speak.  I started writing daily.  As I began to write I gained more clarity and my speaking up and writing became easier.   I also did a massive amount of throat chakra energetic balancing, along with release of old karmic miasmic patterns that were held in my bodyfields from past life trauma.  Lives where we have been unable to stand  and speak our truth due to overpowering forces.  

Q: I feel frozen inside.  I am afraid to be vulnerable and open up to what I feel inside.  I am afraid of what I might find.  It feels safer to keep a lid on it.  Yet all I want to do is feel again.  To have a relationship again.  Yet I am so afraid to let go.  I keep my mind active cause that keeps me safe.   What can you do for me?


A: It is only when you feel safe enough, trusting enough will you begin to thaw.   We find a way to work together, to do this.  Jan walks with you, alongside you as your companion gently helping you make sense of your inner world, your issues your stories.  Then the ice will start to melt.  Releasing old karmic miasmic patterns is a must.  Jan  works with you on the level of the soul, using her soul healing skills for this and/or that of the TimeWaver system.  Once the ice begins to thaw you will begin to see your world through different eyes, its like your glasses have been wiped clean after many years of collecting dust.  Eventually you will find a deeper sense of joy.  Your desired relationships will eventuate.  Or perhaps this is not your journey at this moment to have a relationship.  It maybe your soul’s journey to be alone in this lifetime.


Q: Every time I go to my work place my body tenses up and I feel stressed out.  My mind goes blank.  I can’t think straight.  I get all confused.  My health suffers.  Why does this happen for me?


A: Do you value who you are?  Do you value your inner wisdom?  These are two questions you can ask yourself to start with.  Sometimes we have to be brutally honest with ourselves to find our deeper truth.  Sometimes we believe we value yourselves.  Yet do you know deep within yourself, your own value?  A belief and a knowing are different.  A belief is an external notion.  A knowing comes from within.  When you know you value yourself and your inner wisdom, your reactions to the external world change.  You will feel stronger as a person.  Your energy vibration will be higher and this will reflect out into the world around you.  Other will connect with this.  As you value yourself so will others.   Sometimes who we consider our worst enemies are our teachers.  I say, understand the lesson they are teaching me and then they no longer have any effect on me.


Q:  I feel as though there is something wrong with me.  I feel vulnerable and manipulated by my ex-partner.  He keeps blaming me for stuff and I am made to think it is my fault.  I feel unworthy, as though there is something wrong with me.  I feel stripped bare, my heart aches, and I have shut down emotionally.  I undermine who I am.  Why do I keep doing this?


A:  Each of us have a set of rules and boundaries that we live our lives by.  Some of these are healthy and a far chunk of them can be unhealthy.  You hit the nail on the head when you said “I feel Unworthy”.  This is a rule that you carry about yourself which needs adjusting to a more healthy empowering one.  Often these boundaries are set in childhood and we carry them in our adulthood .  They affect our lives in unhealthy ways.  “I feel unworthy”  is an energetic frequency.  It is an energy pattern that is held in your body fields.  So, we work together to understand this rule, how it was created, find the areas where  it shows up in your life, then release this energetic imprint from your body fields.  And create a healthier rule to live your life by. There may be layers of this.  Sometimes you will release one layer and another layer will come up for understanding and release on a new level.  It doesn’t mean you have gone backwards.  It’s another layer of energy ready to be acknowledged, addressed and released.


Q: She was devaluing her daughter and I felt triggered, something inside of me didn’t feel comfortable with what was being said.  It feels like someone has me by my wrists.  They feel red with anger.  I cannot comprehend what happened to me in my childhood.  My health suffers.  My soul is suffering.  I feel like I am in a black hole.   I blame myself for the terrible things that happened to me.  I feel naked and vulnerable in the world.   Can you help me?


A:  Yes,  Jan can assist to bring more light-energy in your soul.   What you suffered as a child was traumatic and has left you feeling vulnerable and small.   You had no one you could turn to and that must have been extraordinarily difficult for you.  The very people that should have protected you didn’t.   No wonder you are angry.  When we suffer as children pieces of our soul’s energy fragments.  No matter how much healing work we do if that piece of our soul ‘s energy that separated is not reconnected to create your whole-soul-energy self it is difficult to  heal the past.   Jan has developed a technique for these types of situations.   It is part of the Soul-Light-Energy Healing Process .


Q: I want a better outlook on life.  People around me irritate me, I blame them for stuff.  My home life is miserable, my mum interferes in my life, tells me off, treats me like a child, rifles through my room when I am not there.  I was into drugs once, not any more.  My mum doesn’t trust me now.  I feel betrayed in some way, I cannot explain it, it runs deep.  It feels like I have chains around my ankles, sometimes I feel stuck and cannot move, its awful.   I want so much to change.  Why do I feel like this and why do I feel so irritated by others.   I understand I am a soul having a human experience yet why is life so difficult for me?


A:  Your soul is hurting.  It is crying out for help.  It feels like your have suffered  during many life times.  This suffering creates disharmony in your energy fields and you carry them from life time to life time until you repair them.  You are probably feeling very distrustful of other humans because of this suffering.  Yet it is now time to mend these parts of you.  Time for forgiveness.  Time to understand more of who you are and surrender to your suffering, your feelings of distrust, your feelings of betrayal.  Once you surrender to those aspects of self that feel uncomfortable, or not nice or what you reject, it is only then you can re-calibrate and return to wholeness.  A Soul-Light -Energy Healing Process is where Jan would start with you.   


Q: I feel like I have been abandoned, yet I haven’t.  I’m into conspiracy theories.  I suffer from a stiff neck and digestive issues.  I eat well, don’t drink alcohol.  I stress and worry cause I feel so insignificant.  What is happening to me?

A:  You are a soul having a human experience, in your human experience your soul grows and evolves.  When you first became an individuated soul on earth, you left behind your star seed heritage and a higher vibrating energy.  Coming to earth, we forget our heritage, our star seed home, and we feel abandoned, and alone.  The energy on earth is lower from where we have come from.  When we understand our purpose for coming to earth, we understand from a new level of awareness.  Jan remembers when she finally connected to this how everything started to make sense for her.  She suddenly understood why she had this deep ache of abandonment and isolation.  It wasn’t from isolation and abandonment in this lifetime.  It was leaving behind her home in the Star Galaxy and that beautiful energy source from her real home.   There is much more to learn here too.  Firstly, though you need to understand  and connect to these feelings of abandonment.   Often we suffer digestive issues because life can be hard to digest and this is where we hold our fear.  Connecting to our fear is so important.  If we keeping pushing our fear away and resisting it, it will remain with us until we do.  Our deep fear can penetrate us from this first lifetime on earth.  It is frightening to feel abandon without our connection to the source from where we have come from.


Q:  My body carries so much pain.  I been bullied all my life.  My mother bullied me when I was growing up.   I suffer from deep pain all over my body.  My mother blamed me for everything that happened to her in her life and I feel so responsible.  I struggle to keep my boundaries with people.  I don’t want to be in pain anymore.  What can I do?

A:  Body pain or physical body symptoms are a messenger from the soul.  Your soul is wanting your attention.  Sometimes the only way your soul can get attention is by creating a physical symptom in the body.  It is telling you something is out of balance between your soul’s purpose and the physical life you are living.  So, this becomes your journey to connect to your soul’s signature.  Tuning into your pain and asking questions of it.  What is it here to teach you?  What is it’s message.  You have to be ready and willing to listen and carry out what is requires of you.  Your pain will continue until you start listening and acting on its requests.   Jan calls this the fun part.  Connecting within, your soul will sing and dance with joy.  It will say finally you are listening, lets do this together and create magic.  Strengthen your inner connection, learn and grow, understand your greater purpose on a cellular level for the evolution of your soul.


Q:   Other people know more that me.  My family doesn’t take me seriously.   Sometimes I feel scared to death, yet I am a bit of a go-getter.  I get told off by my family for not being perfect.  I find it difficult to stand up to them.  I feel like I have something stuck in my throat, something I want to say, but can’t say it.  Can you help me change this?


A:  Definitely, this is your journey, now to strengthen your sense of self, untangle outdated values and beliefs and create more empowering ones, aligned with who you are today.  Yet this will change too.  As your energetic vibration rises so too will your knowledge and with a deeper sense of knowing  (which comes when you release old energetic patterns) and you begin to feel stronger within.   Your family notices the difference in you and begin to treat you differently.  If they still treat you the same your reactions to these changes, you will not feel pushed around so much and you will take it in your stride, you will walk away without feeling guilty.  Your throat is stuck because there is something that you want to say and haven’t been saying it! This is okay though, because sometimes we are unable to say anything because what we may say may be hurtful or have a negative impact.  Releasing old energetic imprints in your throat, your speaking and communication area will help with this.  Once you harmonize your throat chakra and communication sector you will be able to speak from your powerful presence, speak from your heart,  instead of your dis-empowered presence.   As your respect of self ascend so to will those from external sources.  It’s a bit like the mirror effect, these people are our teachers, they are all teaching us about something from within that we need to address.  You now begin to take notice of these times in your day when you feel uncomfortable, or an emotional response surfaced within you, or you turned your back on someone etc.   Jouraling  is a great tool for this kind of work.    If you need help message me!


Q:  For two years I have suffered from a bad lower back pain, my neck hurts in bed when I lie on it, and I have burning in my stomach and thighs at night.   Sometimes I take medication to get to sleep.  I don’t like to take medication, yet sometimes I have to, cause the pain is so uncomfortable.  I have two full times jobs.  One I love, the other one is difficult, yet is provides me and my family with a consistent  secure income.   I know I need to make changes, and I know which job I wish to keep, yet I am unable to make that decision.    Nobody has told me before to that I need to feel safe within to make this decision. 

A:  You have several things going on for you.  One job gives you certainty in your life.  The other one gives you uncertainty.  One gives you security, a sense of safety and the other one feels unsafe, yet it is where your heart lies.  It is difficult for you to decide because you feel unsafe within.  Until you feel safe within, your decision will be difficult.  The key is to start to feel safe inside, build more trust in yourself and in your decision making. This is your number 1 priority.  That is one key to your journey.    You are a strong person, in a highly professional work place.  You hold in a prominent position in your  job that you are not so keen on.  Another reason for having difficulty in letting this one go, it gives you a strong sense of self, you feel good, yet this comes from an external source.  Another key in your journey to to discover this strong sense of self from within………….Everything we need we hold within.  It is when we allow ourselves to tap into our infinite wisdom we find our true gifts.   Releasing the energy in your body fields is the first place to start, to relieve some of your pain.  The pain in your back is coming from your sciatic nerve which is connected to the heart  meridian.  Your neck is stiff and the energy is unable to flow between your head and heart.  This lack of flow stops you from connecting from a healthy head-heart connection, which is important when making these kinds of decisions.


Q: At the weekend I went to a two day full on meditation seminar with over two hundred people.  I left half way through.  I felt so topsy-turvy, my brain felt  all scrambled, I went from panic to feeling elated.  It was overwhelming. It was too much for so.  Why did this happen?

A: One reason for this will be that the energy that was being released within the room of 200 people was too overwhelming for you .  All of this imbalanced and disharmonic energy that was released by the people in the room  swirls around as a body of energy, until it can be transmuted to its next destination.  It can takes minutes, hours or days to leave a space.  If the energy in the room is not cleared it remains a swirling messy energy field.  Unless your energy fields are super strong you will  be affected by these.  You are a sensitive soul, and these energies are too harsh for you.   If you continue to go to these types of events, you must strengthen your body fields to reduce the effect of  this.  Yet, most likely, if your energy fields are strong you will no longer need to go to these types of events.  As you strengthen your sense of self, you can do all of this and more from your own place of sanctuary.


Q:  Thanks for your  help over the past.  My business is now going well.  Although I have discovered I have this inner fear that all of a sudden the goodness that is happening will stop.  I don’t know why this is.  I remember when I was a child and there was so much awfulness in my life.  My brother tried to commit suicide.  My step father was abusive to us all.  I remember a time when he had my mum against the wall and was punching her, I was about 8 years old.   In my early teens I left home and told people about what happen to us as children and they didn’t believe me.  I was horrified.  There was no one that would listen to me.  I become the black sheep of the family.  I think maybe this has something to do with this new piece of my puzzle.  What do your think?

A:  You have made huge progress in your inner world.  You are now beginning to understand yourself on a deeper level.  It is good that you have discovered this piece of your puzzle.  Without this awareness you cannot address your fears.  So good for you.  Remember where you have come from.  All those pieces of your puzzle that you has pieced together and made sense of .  You have shifted huge imbalances in your energy fields, including some huge traumas.  This is another piece, the next layer that you can access and learn to grow from.  In business we are able to do this, it is a great place for growth, if we allow it.  And remember there will always be something.  That is the journey of the soul.  You are wide awake now, you have connected and are accessing your inner wisdom. Now we are bringing more light energy into your cells.  As you discover these deeper layers of self.   it is so cool!  The key here is to untangle and connect with your fear.  When we surrender to our fear, it can disappear.  Fear is wanting you to acknowledge her.  As we connect and surrender to our fear we bring fear to the surface,  to touch it, sense it, feel it.  Where did it come from?  You had many times in your life where you were scared and petrified.  As you gently connect, then we can release this energy through our SoulLight Energy Healing Process.  

Q: I’m on blood pressure medication, I have back problems, I suffer from digestive, sinus and reflux issues.  I own a business, employ several staff.  Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed, I have high expectations , I make unreasonable requests of myself.  I say things like “I should have known better”.  I often self talk “does he know what he is talking about?”.  We have a thread that runs through our family history “have-nots”.  Meaning we don’t have much of anything.  I grew up poor on the wrong side of the tracks so to speak.  I am not sure if I believe that I deserve to live a successful life. I always try so hard to win, at business, in life, at play.  I’m not good at making money.  I need to work hard to prove I am worthy.  That’s a lot isn’t it?  Where do I start?

A:  Firstly, we will work on harmonizing and balancing your energy fields, to reduce some of your physical body symptoms.  We work together over several months to bring a new vital energy source into your body fields.  Using NESHealth, miHealth and Timewaver as tools, that assist you on a daily basis.  This is key.  If your energy fields are only balanced once a month, at the outset, it is often difficult for the body to maintain those higher levels of energy.  At the same time working with Gratitude.   Being grateful for who you are, what you have in your life and your experiences.   I also give you permission to start believing in yourself.  We are often taught that it is selfish to think of ourselves.  It is a belief we carry.   We change this belief to a more empowering one.  You have  permission to trust in your magnificence.  All those stories you tell yourself are outdated.  This is not who you are.  You are a Soul with infinite wisdom and expression.   You will learn to trust yourself enough to know that you are successful.  It is a state of being, you will just know, and you most likely will not be able to describe it.   See your imperfections as something that adds to the creation of something beautifully designed.  Claim your strength, your knowing, your success, your wisdom.  Be all of these, your strength and your weaknesses.  They make up who are you, they are parts of you.   Deny one side of you, you deny the other side.  We are both.  Human and Soul.  

Q:  I am a happy positive person, with a good outlook on life.  Yet I suffer from lots of health ailments; Leaky gut, alopecia, I have this pa low energy, brain fog, food allergies, low mental energy, knees that no one can figure out why I have this pain under my knee caps.  I love to party.  Yet my body doesn’t.  The next few days I suffer from bad energy and feel rundown.  I sleep well though, that’s one good thing.  I lived in a house where they was a lot of mould, could this be my cause of my stomach issues?  My alopecia started after a break up from a long-term relationships with my partner.  As a 7 year old my parents divorced and I was caught in the middle of my their drama, I always felt responsible for their behaviours.  I tried to keep the pace.  Even now I have difficulty dealing with my father and his explosive outburst and I like to keep out of trouble when he is around.  Money is very important to me.  I like it.  I work hard to meet my targets at work.  Here’s a bit of a snapshot of me, yet want I really want is to have more energy and feel well again.  I haven’t felt well since before I started University.

 A:  Detox, detox, detox is your key.  Detox your physical body,  Detox your mental and emotional body.  Detox your energy fields.  We will start with a Spinal Cleanse, A Lymphatic Cleanse and a Stomach cleanse.  Purpose of this is to get the energy flowing again in these systems.  And your result will be more energy and you will feel well again.  Sounds simple.  Yet it will be a process and a journey.  I know you were referred by your partner and you don’t really understand what I do.  And, that is okay.  You don’t need to.  What you need is to experience the desired changes you seek in your life.  That’s the key.  You don’t have to understand energy to receive the benefits of this type of treatment.   Once you start the detox process we work together to strengthen your immune system.  As you strengthen your immune system you gain a stronger sense of self.  We look at the body mind connection of your body’s symptoms to delve down into your mental and emotional body.   We will look at the relationship between your alopecia and your mental mind wellness.  What is the body-mind connection here?  You will start to awaken to your true self.  You will listen to your body, understand the message that your body are giving you.  This will come down the track.  You will then begin to investigate information, to search out for yourself, ways and means that satisfy your inner growth.  That’s the beauty of shifting energy and becoming well again.  You see life through different eyes.  You will  have more clarity.  You gain a precision and purpose to your life.  You will understand that inner wealth is more important to financial wealth.  You will be flexible, flowing and accommodating in all aspects of your life.  You will live a balanced life.  

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