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Illuminate essence

The Soul's Heart Signature

Plant – made from the Pink Bantry Rose for its gentle, delicate and sweet tones, grown at the Gardens of Kingfisher Paradise located in the Coromandel region of New Zealand

Element is air moving with ease and flow, grace and elegance with all things great and small, aligned with the universal energy, the source of all that is the infinite well of creation

Catalyst for cultivating a care full, thought full, heart full energy aligned with your divine masculine and feminine energies

Crystalline Heart Note f 

Key Concepts – helps to illuminate your pathway on your journey of ascension.opening the pathways to assist with the decontamination of deep soul heart pain. assist with aligning the soul’s heart with the pulsations of the human heart.  assist with releasing imbalances in the heart that lead to codependent relationships and manipulative energies.

Key Vibration -The Soul’s Heart Love Signature. living from your divine grace love source

Incantation “By the powerful creative force that I AM I AM peace love joy enlightenment and so it is, and so it is and so it is”.  repeat three times at each incantation

I live my life from an inner connection, where I seek protection from outer reflection. My life is perfection within my inner reflection, it is where I  find my protection from outer reflections.

20 mls $32.00NZD


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