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JoyLight Essence

The Soul's Joy Signature

Plant – made from soft lilac hydrangea for its purity and innocence, grown at the Gardens of Kingfisher Paradise located in the Coromandel region of New Zealand

The element is joyful soul light expression

A catalyst for activating and strengthening the vibration of JOY energy within.

Crystalline Note A 

Key Concepts – helps to gently wash away soul sadness that permeates our physical being from our lifetimes where sadness had a strong impact on our physical life experiences.  Where is a soul is crying out for joy yet sadness keeps getting in the way. A gateway to gentle awakening to rekindle the opening of the heart.  

Key Vibration –  Joy

Incantation “By the powerful creative force that I AM I am peace, I am love, I am joy and so it is, and so it is and so it is”.  repeat three times at each incantation

“I am joyful and triumphant”

20 mls NZD$32.00


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