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Symphony Light essence

Creative Expression Signature

Plant – made from the combination of deep purple hydrangea and soft pink rose to bring depth and softness.  Grown at the Gardens of Kingfisher Paradise located in the Coromandel region of New Zealand

The element is Full Creative Expression

The catalyst for assisting you in walking your path, speaking your truth and shining your light, illuminated and aligned with the Divine Feminine an Masculine Energies.

Crystalline Notes F and B 

Key Concepts – Assist in opening and strengthening your soul’s creative expression.  assist in reconnecting to our gifts and abilities from the wholeness of who i am.  assist to learn a deeper level of humility, where we forgive ourselves for our weaknesses (or perceived weaknesses).  assist us to accept our fragile pieces that we hide away from as they are part of our wholeness.  assist us to accept and embrace concepts of human behavior that we see as negative aspects of self e.g. arrogance, jealousy, judgement and the like.  

Key Vibration – My Light is my Full Spectrum

Incantation “By the powerful creative energy force that I AM I am Light, I am Love, I am Wholeness, and so it is, and so it is and so it is”.  repeat three times at each incantation

“I am ease and grace.  I am elegance and flow.  I am sweetness and light.  I am gentleness of spirit.  I am softness of heart.  Feel its flow, flow into your heart, flow into your mind, flow into your soul, that is it, there is no more, there is no less.  Beautiful, Elegance, Gracefulness.”

20mls NZD$32.00


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